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Ellen's Blog: The 60's

by tadeufilippini (via)
Wednesday, July 26, 2006 The 60's La MaMa was created in 1961... In August 1962 Michael Locascio wrote A Corner of the Morning. It was La MaMa’s first original play to be performed. Harold Pinter allowed La MaMa to produce his work in America for the first time in October 1962. The play was The Room, directed by John Chace. In December 1962 La MaMa produced its first opera, created and conducted by Anthony Keller. The production was entitled The Flood.




Fractal Gallery 6

by fotopol
Anne's fractala menagerie Galeries d'images fractales

¦¦ Gravure-News ¦¦ L'actualité de la gravure de CD/DVD

by fotopol
Site consacré à la gravure DVD et CD. nombreux liens et astuces


天使發牢騷 » 臺灣ETC案落選團隊的方案簡報

by iang
官商勾結?我也對其他"落選"的方案有興趣了 why Taiwan government always make policy in doubt .

slobak . rachael ray drinking game

by misspaige & 1 other
Rachael Ray has such an abrasive personality, any of her many shows on the Food Network can make a great drinking game. Here are some rules to use when you're up for getting sloshed in 30 Minutes or less.

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