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October 2008


by knann
High quality resources from recognized providers such as ReadWriteThink, Illuminations, Science NetLinks, etc.

February 2008

August 2007

Wikijunior - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks

by knann
The aim of this project is to produce a series of full-color booklets for children aged 8 to 11. The subjects will be appealing to kids, and the writing will be light and friendly. These booklets will be richly illustrated with photographs, diagrams, sketches, and original drawings. The texts will also follow a format, so that each booklet, while different, will also have certain common features. Completed books include the Solar System and The Elements. There is also a collaborative book in the works on World War II. This could be a worthwhile project for 8th grade students to contribute articles. An outline is available.

April 2007

The - African American history archive

by knann (via)
The HistoryMakers represents the single largest archival project of its kind in the world, outdistancing the existing video oral history collections of New York’s Schomburg Library and the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum. The HistoryMakers is unique among these other collections of African American heritage, because of its massive scope. Like other oral history collections, The HistoryMakers collection hearkens back to the earliest and most authentic efforts to capture the voice of a people, while introducing state-of-the-art technology and increased accessibility. The HistoryMakers wants to provide living proof that African American history did not begin or end with the civil rights movement, that the HistoryMakers number in the thousands and that their names are not just Harriet Tubman, W.E.B. DuBois, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ella Fitzgerald. The initial goal of The HistoryMakers is to complete 5,000 interviews of both well-known and unsung African American HistoryMakers within the next five years, creating an archive of unparalleled importance and exposing the archival collection to the widest audience possible. Not since the recording of former slaves during the WPA Movement of the 1930s (1936-1938), when teams of writers/researchers were sent throughout the South resulting in approximately 2,300 mostly hand-recorded interviews, has there been a methodic and wide-scale attempt to capture the testimonies of African Americans.

Pete's Power Point Station

by knann (via)
- FREE PowerPoints for K-12 on just about everything Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Literature, More!

March 2007

Native Americans and the Horse

by knann
When we see pictures of Native Americans riding astride their horses its hard to imagine that it wasn't always this way. The horse lived in North America during prehistoric times, but became extinct there. It wasn't until European explorers, particularly the Spanish in the 16 th and 17 th centuries that the horse again was found in North America

The 50 States

by knann
Very nice site with basic information on a variety of topics for each state (history, geography, famous people, state page links, symbols and more. Appropriate for upper elementary through middle school. NO ADS!!

Frontier Forts of the American Revolution

by knann (via)
During the American Revolution - 1776-1783 - frontier forts played an important role. They were a place where colonists could take refuge from British soldiers or hostile Native American patrols. Forts also protected important roads, rivers, or materials needed in the fighting.

Old Magazine Articles

by knann
As the title implies, this site is a searchable archive of PDF images of old magazine articles. The majority is from the 20th century, although there are also entries from the 19th century. Because the articles are from magazines, they often include fantastic pictures that can illustrate fashion, culture and opinions of the time period. It's an eclectic mix of topics, with some emphasis on the early 20th century. In the Classroom: This is a fabulous primary document site packed with useful resources for social studies teachers. Because the entries are all in PDF format, each can be printed and copied for classroom list. According to the owner of the site, the information is all in the public domain and can be freely distributed. Entries are continually being added. For the serious researcher, there isn't always exact bibliographic information included with each entry for use in citations. However, for classroom use, or for use on interactive whiteboards, this archive is exceptionally useful... and it's FREE!

February 2007

Return to the Ice Age - The La Brea Exploration Guide

by knann
Get ready to explore the world of Rancho La Brea--one of the world's most famous fossil sites. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the La Brea Tar Pits is home to over three million fossils from the last Ice Age. It was here that huge mammoths, fierce sabertoothed cats, and giant ground sloths became trapped and entombed in the asphalt that has been seeping out of the ground for the past 40,000 years. Discover and explore how these "tar pits" formed, what types of plants and animals became trapped, and how scientists have used these fossil deposits to open a window into the world of prehistoric Los Angeles.

First People: 1600-1750

by knann
Vermont Historical Society...includes info on the Abernaki and Contact Period. Click on the side menu to navigate this topic.

Tools of the Trade

by knann
Learn how archeologists use different tools to help them with their discoveries

Prehistoric Alabama

by knann
Paleoindian, archaic, woodland, and Mississipian Periods in Alabama

History of Lake Champlain

by knann
brief history of the Champlain Valley, focused on Lake Champlain and its uses. It is by no means complete, and we are constantly adding to it as we increase our knowledge of this region, through our research and archaeological projects.

A Colonial Family and Community

by knann (via)
Be a history detective. Go back in time and investigate the daily lives of the Daggetts, a colonial family from northeastern Connecticut. Collect clues to uncover answers to 7 questions about colonial life in the 1700s. Then prove your skills as a history detective by discovering "What's wrong with this picture?"

January 2007

First Americans, Native American Indian Studies for Grade Schoolers.

by knann
Learn about the Dine, Muscogee, Tlingit, Lakota, and Iroquois Tribes. The first 3 sections seem the most useful.

USD497 Technology | Bookmark Directory

by knann
I found many native american resources using this school's bookmark database. Use the advanced seach button and the key words "native" or "native american". There are tons of other teacher selected links in other subject areas as well.

The Study of Native Americans

by knann (via)
A unit designed by teachers for second grade. Teaching ideas included.

Surrounded by Beauty: Arts of Native America

by knann
Although the text may be too sophisticated for younger students, clicking on the map will bring up some beautiful images of artistic creations from the region.

Native American Foods -- Recipes

by knann (via)
Different recipes representing native american traditions

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