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25 September 2005

Chicken Stacker

by knann
Game for each of the short vowels.Click the egg showing the target vowel sound. Click 5 to win!

18 September 2005

Make A Calendar

by knann
This a great calendar activity with talking interface

Literacy Center

by knann
Practice uppercase/lowercase letters, shape recognition, writing, words, numbers, colors. Some spelling by trial and error.

Spring Bee Alphabet Game

by knann
Help the bee fill the Hive by clicking on the letters in ABC order.

Q-Bee and Friends

by knann
Games for children up tp 7years old. Word and letter, shape and color, and number games. Simple repetitive format.

Pedestrian Lights

by knann
Click the mouse or click the keys and learn out pedestrain signals

Traffic Lights

by knann
Control the traffic lights with the mouse or keyboard

Alphabet Bang Game

by knann
Use the keyboard or mouse to explore the alphabet. Teacher may need to help students get to the game window.

17 September 2005

Interactive Alphabet

by knann
Hear thle letters of the alphabet, watch each letter as it is written, and see an associated picture. Great for letter recognition.


by knann
This is a mesmerizing and calming game for identification of real vs fake words using varies vowel patterns.

Summerton Mill

by knann
This game encourages children to explore and aids their memory, co-ordination and mouse skills.

Snapdragon - Snap!

by knann
Visual matching for same-different concept

14 July 2005

Count Us In Games

by knann
Each game is designed to help children understand basic concepts in mathematics. Click on the Games button for a description of each game

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