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PRIVACY - Tor Browser version 8 est sorti ! - Korben – Upgrade your mind

by decembre
Ce navigateur qui re-route l’ensemble de votre navigation web à travers les oignons du « dark net » pour vous permettre de rester anonyme se voit agrémenté de quelques nouveautés. Premièrement, il est basé sur la dernière version de Firefox ESR 60 sortie en mai de cette année. ESR ça veut dire Extended Support Release… C’est un peu le même principe que pour les LTS pour Ubuntu.


Be Still My Breaking Heart | Dan Kaminsky's Blog

by night.kame

It shouldn’t take absolute heroism, one of the smartest guys in our community, and three years for somebody to notice a flaw when there’s a straight up length field in the patch. And that, I think, is a major and unspoken component of the panic around Heartbleed. The OpenSSL dev shouldn’t have written this (on New Years Eve, at 1AM apparently). His coauthors and release engineers shouldn’t have let it through. The distros should have noticed. Somebody should have been watching the till, at least this one particular till, and it seems nobody was.

Nobody publicly, anyway.

If we’re going to fix the Internet, if we’re going to really change things, we’re going to need the freedom to do a lot more dramatic changes than just Ping over TLS. We have to be able to manage more; we’re failing at less.

Heartbleed, le monumental échec du bazard cher à ESR et aux agileux de tout poil.



The Chronicle: 4/7/2006: There Is Such a Thing as a Stupid Question

by markpasc & 1 other
Remarkably similar to esr's How To Ask Questions The Smart Way, which properly implies asking for computer help is group self-education

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