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October 2007

SymbolWorld - The planets

by knann
Informative website about the planets with audio and symbol support.

September 2007

Geography Thematic Units

by knann
The majority of the Thematic Units are written for ages 7-9. Younger children can use them with help from adults, and older children can use them for extra learning or for their reports. There is a cost for each unit, but it is only $2.00...a good value!! Must be purchased per classroom. Many other subject areas available.

July 2007

Singing Science Records

by knann
Science songs on topics of space,energy &motion, weather, and nature. Right click, choose "save Target As" to download the MP3. Songs are definitely dated, but older students and music teachers may enjoy updating the music style, perhaps to a rap tempo or, be inspired to create their own songs. Good resource for differentiation.

June 2007

Technology for Differentiated Instruction

by knann
The primary purpose of this wiki is to collect and share resources that link computer and information technology with differentiated instruction. Please add and annotate links, fix or remove broken links, and add to annotations or descriptions based on your experiences.

May 2007

Differentiated Instruction

by knann (via)
Sites that help classroom teachers adjust their teaching process to their learners needs

March 2007 : just click & teach.

by knann
Lessons, materials, and downloads for differentiated instruction K-6. Requires subscription.

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