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January 2010 - VideoZone - William and the Windmill

by sbrothier & 1 other
His name is William Kamkwamba, and his story is nothing short of remarkable. Using scraps from a local junkyard in Malawi, he created something that harnessed the wind - and changed his life. By Lucas Oleniuk and Randy Risling.

December 2009

Timeline of Climate Change Science and Politics - Interactive Feature -

by sbrothier
From Joseph Fourier to James Hansen, NOAA to I.P.C.C., and Kyoto to Copenhagen, a look at the history of climate study and diplomacy in the modern age of global warming.

L'agitée du bocage

by sbrothier
Emmanuelle Walter, journaliste indépendante, versée dans l’éducation et l’environnement.

November 2009

Yale Environment 360

by HK
Major corporations in the U.S. have shown an increased willingness to voluntarily reduce their impact on climate change despite a sluggish economy, according to a new scorecard produced by the nonprofit group Climate Counts.

UPM Forest Life

by HK
web documentaire sur la foret et l'environnement on peut se promener dans les bois. Forest Life réalisé par UPM, un groupe finlandais spécialisé dans les produits liés à la forêt (production de papier et autres produits .

October 2009

Trash | Track

by jeanruaud
Imagine a future where immense amounts of trash didn’t pile up on the peripheries of our cities: a future where we understand the ‘removal-chain’ as we do the ‘supply-chain’, and where we can use this knowledge to not only build more efficient and sustainable infrastructures but to promote behavioral change.

Bangladesh © 2009 - By Jonathan Bjerg Møller / Presented by Bombay Flying Club

by sbrothier
five short multimedia documentaries - The weather is changing and the forecast is grim

September 2009

about - awesome window manager

by sylvainulg & 1 other
a Lua-powered window manager that looks worth investigation...

:: big Alba photography

by bigalba
Seaweed glows intensely green in evening's golden light on the western shore of the Barra in the Outer Hebrides with Beinn Tangabhal in the distance. There's a very special quality to the evening light in the Hebridean summertime and is one of my main reasons for being here. Something about its golden, pinkish glow and the luminosity it imparts to colours on the shore. Like here, the intensely glowing greens of the seaweed leaping out in the last touches of sunlight, the wisp of pinks in the expanse of sky above...

GreenPrint Software - Millions of Trees Can't be Wrong.

by sbrothier & 1 other
GreenPrint makes it easy to print only the pages you want saving you around $100 a year on paper and ink, as well as helping to save millions of trees.

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