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April 2007

Nigel's Eco Store - Environmentally friendly products and eco friendly gifts for sustainable living

by sbrothier
Hi, I'm Nigel, welcome to my eco store, here you'll find environmentally friendly products for sustainable living, including recycled products, organic products, green products, and eco friendly products and gifts.

September 2006

TreeHuggerTV - How To Buy A Green Sex Toy

by sbrothier
Woooooaaaaahhhh! This week TreeHuggerTV refreshes parts that other vlogs cannot reach by getting up close and intimate with your personal toys. So you eat organic veggies, drive a hybrid, and use eco-friendly detergent? What about sex toys? Make sure you are sitting comfortably to learn about what chemicals you may be taking to bed with you. Do you dare to go green between your organic sheets? TreeHuggerTV gets the sweet lowdown with a report inspired by writer Emily Gertz. The phthalates found in traditional sex toys can cause cancer, damage our reproductive systems, impair sperm, and damage the planet. Watch the vox pops in the streets as people realise that the objects they’ve been using to pleasure themselves and their partners might have longer terms effects on their bodies than they wanted. Carolyn Riccardi, Education Coordinator at Babeland, gives us a tour of PVC-free green sex toys that keep us sexy and healthy. Love the earth while you make love!

February 2006

Treehugger: Sustainable Sex Toys: Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!

by sbrothier
For treehuggers, it can be hard to get through the day without guilty, pre-occupied micro-decisions. You might regretfully take a cab rather than the bus, or grab Styrofoam take-away instead of just sitting down and eating from a plate. In the bedroom, it can be an accomplishment to wade through all of the cultural pollutants and just enjoy ambivalence-free pleasures. So, once you’ve happily integrated one into your life, who wants to worry about a carcinogenic dildo? Or non-biodegradable paddles whose ultimate punishment will mean an eternity of landfill stink? Not sexy. We have assembled an array of toys and info for you and your partner(s) in crime! Be sure and let us know what we’ve missed.

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