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BetterMeans - Open and Democratic Project Management

by Spone
To change our world, the way we work together needs upgrading We are facing mounting social, environmental and economic problems. A lot of us want to work toward solving them and we are learning that these problems are interconnected, and complex. We are trying to solve these problems using organizational structures that were invented before the light bulb! Industrial-age organizations are not smart or flexible enough to navigate the challenges we are facing. To change our world, we need a new agreement of how we work together. How we make decisions. How we decide on who gets to work on what. And who gets paid what.

YouTube - The Caring Capitalist - Brazil

by gregg
Some call it anarchic socialism, some cutting edge capitalism. At Brazilian manufacturer Semco, the workers have sacked the boss, and run the company themselves.



Faites vos organigrammes corporates collaborativement

by Giraultises & 3 others (via)
Org Chart Wiki est un wiki un peu spécial car il permet de construire, de façon collaborative, l'organigramme de votre entreprise. Ce site est édité par le magasine Forbes. A voir...

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