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optimal experience

by springnet
This guy has some great ideas like an "Austin startup district and a wordpress fest in the park. And he walks to Will Wynn randomly. - Where ideas and people meet | Fast Company

by springnet & 2 others
Fast Company is about to shake things up again. Back in 1995, in our first issue, we announced on our cover: "Computing is...


Loic Le Meur Blog

by springnet & 3 others
Wew, that Seesmic review is a Christmas gift ! Thank you Bobbie Johnson to consider that Seesmic will be a hit website in 2008 even though we are still building it.


Ten Rules for Web Startups

by antoniomokarzel & 17 others, 2 comments
Blog de Evan Williams da Odeo, Inc., uma startup sediada em São Francisco.

Allen's Blog

by antoniomokarzel
Allen Morgan guides entrepreneurs on how to pitch ideas and get financing.

Blog Promotion with 27 free Web Directories

by enq1981
A nice possibility to build up a link network and to gain more visitors are Web-Directories. There are a lot of directories, that charge a submission fee, but there are also many free ones. This page contains a "small" list of them.

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