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2009 | salsero | El General – El Tiburon

by kemar
Spécial dédicace pour Géraldine et Magali ♫ [from]


Web 2.0 - The Web is Evolving Rapidly

by tagtooga will be regarded as an incredibly smart move by Yahoo...


Google to End Size War with Yahoo

by jmaddock
Google has recently announced that they will no longer be publicizing the total number of pages indexed in their database.

AOL May Switch from Google to MSN

by jmaddock
Some sources are indicating that the world’s biggest ISP, America Online, may soon be switching from offering Google Search on their site to offering MSN instead.

When it Comes to Search Engines, Links are Power…

by jmaddock
One of the fundamental driving forces behind a website’s ranking is the number of incoming links it has.

Importer des flux RSS dans google

by arnet (via)
Importer des flux RSS dans google c'est maintenant possible !

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