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03 January 2006

Working with |

by ecmanaut
Sounds delicious indeed. While what I'm about to request is in part difficult technically. Any CommentBlogging support, for helping out tracking cross blog commentary, would be vrey welcome, though.<br><br>The present de facto standard is picking up comme

23 December 2005

Comment Blogging tool for Blogger blogs

by ecmanaut
I might make a separate version or a config option for for that; I myself actually use this geature, so I can render the comment the same way it was written.

Focused Linkblogging

by ecmanaut
Glad you too find the script useful! :-) I'm hoping to eventually extend it to go beyond Blogger blogs (but so far I haven't made much progress).

02 December 2005


by ecmanaut
Wee!<br><br>One thing about the importer: do you really have to use APIs requiring the account password? I'm not distrusting <i>you</i>, but I find it conceptually wrong to ever either post the password from one service to another (unless the two share a

17 November 2005

Comment Blogging

by ecmanaut
Oh, I didn't think you were; I just reflected that it's still a rather good feature match for being mostly not planned for usage. Somebody hacking a dedicated solution, for instance at the <a href="" rel="nofollow">Ning playground</a> or s

16 November 2005

Comment Blogging

by ecmanaut
Like mackinaw above, I too find I have started to add topic tags to comments I post, besides the "mandated" <i>mycomments</i> tag slapped on to all my own comments on external blogs. The "mycomments" tag holds the semantical meaning of tying in the Del.ic

Google Mint?

by ecmanaut
I tried to <a href="" rel="nofollow">swing one of my own inlined comment forms</a> by the way, based on yours and <a href="

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