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The True Cost of Coal (in China)

by tsalon
For every dollar of profit made by CLP last year, it is estimated it cost communities across the region nearly $4 in health and environmental impacts.

Daily Yomiuri On-Line: PLANNING NATIONAL STRATEGIES--Resources and energy

by tsalon
Center for Safety and Security Research (CSSR), a research institute under the Education, Science and Technology Ministry, will release next month a report on two crisis scenarios concerning China that predict China's actions regarding energy and their im

Southwest Windpower

by sbrothier
It was 1987 when David Calley and Andy Kruse had an idea to build a company around a small 300 watt wind generator David had developed.

Energy ministry to be set up

by tsalon
Although a "leading group" on energy is now in the works, there are no immediate plans to set up a Cabinet-level energy ministry


Wired News: Change in the Chinese Wind

by tsalon
The new wind power plant, located 60 miles outside Beijing in Guangting, will generate 400 megawatts per day

New York Times: China in Africa: All Trade, With No Political Baggage

by tsalon
Experts in African affairs say that China's choices of partners and its diplomatic philosophy, which preaches noninterference in other countries' internal affairs, may have important consequences for Africa, especially at a time when Western countries see

Technology Review: Solar-Cell Rollout

by tsalon
solar-powered solution for powering cellphones and laptop computers

Energy heats up high tech | CNET

by tsalon
Companies promoting solar power and other alternative-energy concepts are rapidly attracting venture funding, research grants and, just as important, the interest of many of the tech industry's deep thinkers and influential figures.


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