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February 2007

H-racer and Hydrogen Station

by sbrothier
The H-racer is the smallest and coolest hydrogen fuel cell car in the world! Witness the power of new energy technology in the palm of your hand. That's right - this car does not need batteries! The car uses a real fuel cell and its own on-board hydrogen storage system. The Hydrogen Station will provide your H-racer with an unlimited supply of clean energy. To create free hydrogen fuel at the flick of a switch, just add water to the station's tank! Fueling is animated by a special blue light display.

September 2005

Kids' "Create your future"

by sbrothier
This website is created by Japan for Sustainability, a japanese non-govermental organization that transmits information on the environment to more than 170 countries worldwide. Through this site, we aim to encourgae children all over the world to take an interest in environmental issues, think about what they can do to help, and put their ideas into action.

August 2005

Les aventures de Moulinot

by sbrothier (via)
nacelle, rotor, multiplicateur, génératrice, tour, vent, emplacement, installation... beaucoup d'activités pour les enfants sur le thème de l'éolien, produit avec la participation du Ministère Danois de l'Education, de la Direction danoise de l'Energie, et de l'Association Danoise de l'Industrie Eolienne.

June 2005


by sbrothier & 34 others
L'objectif de cette encyclopédie est de recenser, définir et expliquer les techniques alternatives de vie. Ceci, avec pour but premier de nous permettre de vivre d'une manière plus autonome.

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