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September 2006

Stone PHP SafeCrypt: Convenient, Secure and Typesafe Encryption (Tutorial, Library and Test Code)

by StoneCypher & 3 others
Ever wanted to add encryption to your PHP apps? Tired of how much of a hassle it is? Worried about the tricky pitfalls everyone tells you to watch out for? Stone PHP SafeCrypt is a library to wrap mcrypt and handle the subtle details of creating a correct and portable enciphering with serialization. A tutorial and test library are included.

July 2005

実演: RSA暗号の理論と実際 -

by gygyuu & 1 other
「公開鍵暗号RSAの各面について。本に書いてあるような理論的説明でなく、実地に体験しながら、具体的に見ていきましょう。 」

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