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October 2006


by YukuanMark


by YukuanMark

Robot Programming : A Practical Guide to Behavior-Based Robotics

by YukuanMark
Jones, one of the inventors of the first widely adopted consumer robot,introduces the history and theory behind behavior-based programming, teaches skills needed for programming a robot, and provides readers with a virtual robot on a web site to test prog

September 2006

建構嵌入式 Linux 系統

by YukuanMark
《建構嵌入式 Linux 系統》是第一本深入探討基於 Linux 核心之嵌入式系統的指南。對想要瞭解如何將 Linux 應用在嵌入式系統中而不得要領的讀者來說,這是一本不可或缺的書。本書內容涵蓋:

August 2006


by YukuanMark

July 2006

A Big Buying

by YukuanBlog
既然要再回到象牙塔蹲一陣子,趁機大拜書一下是一定要的啦 :) 除了到各圖書館抱些書過過癮外,買書勢必是免不了的!


by YukuanMark
以PHILIPS公司的LPC2131 ARM微控制器?核心,以EasyARM2131開發板?基礎,深入淺出地對LPC213x系列ARM微控制器的使用進行詳細、全方位的闡述。

May 2006

MicroC OS II: The Real Time Kernel

by YukuanMark
If you currently do not use an RTOS, read this book to gain a deep understanding of what these powerful tools can do for your code. If you're looking at commercial products, read the book to understand some of the trade-offs and gain an appreciation for w

Embedded Systems Building Blocks

by YukuanMark
Take the mystery out of embedded systems design with concrete programming examples. You will learn: - the anatomy of a real-time kernel by exploring the author's operating system, MicroC/OS-II. - key concepts unique to embedded systems and real-time kerne

March 2006

Embedded System Design

by YukuanMark
This book presents the traditionally distinct fields of software and hardware design in a new unified approach. It covers trends and challenges, introduces the design and use of single-purpose processors ("hardware") and general-purpose processors ("softw

Patterns for Time-Triggered Embedded Systems

by YukuanMark
Embedded software is ubiquitous. It forms a core component of an enormous range of systems, from aircraft, passenger cars and medical equipment, to childrens’ toys, video recorders and microwave ovens. This book provides a complete and coherent set of s

Embedded C

by YukuanMark
Use of embedded processors in passenger cars, mobile phones, medical medical equipment, aerospace systems and defence systems is widespread, and even everyday domestic appliances such as dish washers, televisions, washing machines and video recorders now

Embedded System Design

by YukuanBlog
對一些小型的應用而言,把 OS 納入系統中,不但多耗用硬體資源,還可能使系統的複雜度增加了許多。 「甚麼情況下才需要把 OS 安置到 embedded system 內?」--這是一個好的思考點。


by YukuanMark

February 2006

PIC Robotics

by YukuanMark
Text provides six complete, do-it-yourself robotics projects. Covers bipedal robots that walk upright, functional robotic arms, easily programmed behavior-based robots, complete parts lists for all projects, and more. Softcover.

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