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FullContact Person API | Add social profile data to your contacts

by srcmax
Query by email address, Twitter username, Facebook ID or phone number. FullContact’s Person API finds publicly-available social profiles, profile photos, basic demographics and social influence.


El club de la Noticia Plugin Worpress

by walo
This plugin adds an icon to share news and social networking icons at the end of a post so that readers can share arts. compatible with small and large icons.

WordPress › el-club-de-la-noticia « WordPress Plugins

by walo
Adds an icon to share [El club de la Noticia]( news and social networking icons at the end of a post for readers to share. This plugin adds an icon to share news and social networking icons at the end of a post so that readers can share arts. compatible with small and large icons.


NutshellMail | The Best Way to Manage Your Social Networks and Email Accounts

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Access The Social Web From Your Inbox Consolidate all your social networks and multiple email accounts through the inbox you use the most. NutshellMail keeps you connected by sending email alerts of new activity on a schedule you choose.

Digg no longer the Favorite | I Do Info Tech

by greut

The data are illustrated below in the chart provided by ShareThis. The results are likely an accurate reflection of the various sharing services popularity on the web as a whole as ShareThis is extremely popular:

  • Email is by far most popular sharing service getting 57%.
  • Facebook is the second most popular sharing service at 21%
  • Digg has dropped significantly in popularity to 2%

How people share things using ShareThis. When are we gonna see XMPP coming?


iBegin Share - Share Spread your Content

by vrossign
# Ability to save pages to social sites like Facebook, Digg, Delicious, Google, Yahoo, and more # Ability to email your friends # Ability to save the page as a PDF or Word doc # Ability to print the page

OpenInviter - Contacts importer integration with CMS like PunBB, JamRoom, Joomla and many more

by camel & 1 other
Open source OpenInviter (Open Inviter) is an free import contacts (addressbook) script from email providers like Lycos,, Rediff, IndiaTimes, KataMail, AOL, OperaMail, Yandex, Terra, Rambler,,, Yahoo!,, GMail, Libero,, Live/Hotmail, FastMail or social portals like Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Bebo, Friendster, Facebook,, Hi5, MySpace, Flixster, Perfspot, Orkut, Skyrock. This contacts importer script is integrating with content management systems (aka CMS) like Joomla, JamRoom, Drupal, SimpleMachines Forum (SMF), Wordpress, Social Engine, PunBB, Joomla1.0, PhpBB. Open Inviter is written in PHP 5 (no database required but cURL or wget required) and running on any webserver (tested on Apache) offering advanced tell a friend features. OpenInviter is a free self hosted solution that does not use a third party gateway (or API) to import contacts. Sounds cool! How much? OpenInviter is totally free and open-source solution. You can download it, change it, write plugins for it. Everything for free. What are you waiting for? Grab your OpenInviter today! Go to the Download section now! Features at a glance * Easy access to your visitors address book in all major email providers and social networks around the world. * Completely painless and easy way of integrating in your website. It takes virtually not more than 5 minutes to have your own OpenInviter up and running on your site. * Constant updates so that you can sit back and relax and always have access to the latest ways to get your visitor's address book. * WGET-ready! Yes, you read right! OpenInviter is the only contacts importer supporting both WGET and cURL as methods of handling requests (since version 1.2) so now you can use it on ANY server you want without the hassle of installing libcurl! * Real time access to the service statuses so you can know if there is an email provider that is not working right with OpenInviter.


Facebook, SMS, Messenger, Twitter... la mort de l'e-mail?

by kooolman
"Ceux qui ont plus de 25 ans ne peuvent imaginer une vie sans e-mail. Pour la génération Facebook, il est difficile d'imaginer une vie limitée à l'e-mail, et encore plus une vie avant cet outil. Je me rappelle encore ce moment de fierté, en 1996, quand j'ai envoyé mon premier courrier électronique depuis un ordinateur de mon université. C'était comme envoyer une carte postale depuis le futur. Rien ne pouvait être plus rapide et plus facile que le courrier électronique. Dix ans plus tard, l'e-mail est devenu obsolète."

Echanger et partager des fichiers sur un extranet

by Dliz & 1 other
Smart Extranet vous permet de mettre en place facilement des espaces web sécurisés et personnalisés dans lesquels vous stockez tous les fichiers et partagez l'historique du projet.


by ycc2106 & 11 others
Pownce is a way to send messages, files, links, and events to your friends. Right now, there are four basic things you can send: messages, links, files, and events.



by philippej & 18 others
" interpersonal information manager that adapts to your changing needs."

MarkaBoo :: better bookmarks for everyone

by chilkat & 6 others
MarkaBoo is social bookmarking for your websites, files, and notes from your browser, email or mobile phone.


by ycc2106 & 3 others
Tag friends and associates to create contextual relationships. Combine your blog, photo hosting, and RSS feeds. Promote yourself and discover people with similar interests. Start by creating an account or logging in with TypeKey, searching by tag, or expl

TalentSpy beta - Find jobs and staff the easy way !

by ycc2106 & 2 others
Quite simply the quickest and easiest way to find the jobs you want or the staff you need. Email and RSS support.


by ycc2106 & 1 other
TXTmob is a service that lets you quickly and easily share txt messages with friends, comrades, and total strangers. The format is similar to an email b-board system. You can sign up to send and receive messages from various groups, which are organized around a range of different topics.

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