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Email Delivery & Transactional Email Service | SendGrid

by srcmax
Delivering your transactional and marketing email through one reliable platform.






Ding It's up!

by camel & 1 other (via)
Ding It's Up is a free service that alert's you via text (SMS) or email when a website goes down or when it comes back up. We will never send you a text/email unless it is to inform you about a website you information for - you can unsubscribe at any time. If you would like to talk to us just email us at - Thanks!

OpenInviter - Contacts importer integration with CMS like PunBB, JamRoom, Joomla and many more

by camel & 1 other
Open source OpenInviter (Open Inviter) is an free import contacts (addressbook) script from email providers like Lycos,, Rediff, IndiaTimes, KataMail, AOL, OperaMail, Yandex, Terra, Rambler,,, Yahoo!,, GMail, Libero,, Live/Hotmail, FastMail or social portals like Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Bebo, Friendster, Facebook,, Hi5, MySpace, Flixster, Perfspot, Orkut, Skyrock. This contacts importer script is integrating with content management systems (aka CMS) like Joomla, JamRoom, Drupal, SimpleMachines Forum (SMF), Wordpress, Social Engine, PunBB, Joomla1.0, PhpBB. Open Inviter is written in PHP 5 (no database required but cURL or wget required) and running on any webserver (tested on Apache) offering advanced tell a friend features. OpenInviter is a free self hosted solution that does not use a third party gateway (or API) to import contacts. Sounds cool! How much? OpenInviter is totally free and open-source solution. You can download it, change it, write plugins for it. Everything for free. What are you waiting for? Grab your OpenInviter today! Go to the Download section now! Features at a glance * Easy access to your visitors address book in all major email providers and social networks around the world. * Completely painless and easy way of integrating in your website. It takes virtually not more than 5 minutes to have your own OpenInviter up and running on your site. * Constant updates so that you can sit back and relax and always have access to the latest ways to get your visitor's address book. * WGET-ready! Yes, you read right! OpenInviter is the only contacts importer supporting both WGET and cURL as methods of handling requests (since version 1.2) so now you can use it on ANY server you want without the hassle of installing libcurl! * Real time access to the service statuses so you can know if there is an email provider that is not working right with OpenInviter.

XtraFile » XtraUpload v2

by camel & 2 others
Written in PHP using the CodeIgniter Framework, XtraUpload has all the features you would expect from a file Hosting Script. Free users as well as premium users have the ability to upload files but premium users get a lot more features such as viewing files, instantly downloading files and getting the URL’s of the files they have uploaded. You can also specify the file types, sizes along with many other options. Each user must provide a valid email address when they sign up for premium as the script automatically sends the username and password to them upon reception of payment through PayPal IPN. File Hosting websites brings in large revenues and is a very easy system to setup thanks to XtraUpload.

spamgourmet - free disposable email addresses, spam blocker

by camel & 1 other
Si vous donnez à tout le monde votre adresse de courrier électronique (courriel), vous recevez des spams et vous ne savez pas qui les envoie. Ne serait-il pas pratique de pouvoir donner une adresse différente à chaque société, à chaque site web, tout en continuant à recevoir votre courriel comme auparavant? Ne serait-il pas pratique que votre adresse soit désactivée automatiquement si elle commence à être spammée? Eh bien, c'est exactement ce que propose Spamgourmet! Il n'y a rien à installer sur votre machine. Et après vous être inscrit, vous n'aurez sans doute jamais plus besoin de revenir ici. C'est pour cela que Spamgourmet est une des meilleures façons d'éviter le spam. Libérez-vous du spam en 3 étapes

MintEmail - Disposable/Temporary Email Address

by jdrsantos & 1 other gives you a four hour temporary email address. Your new temporary email address has been already saved to your clipboard (no need to press Ctrl C). All incoming emails will be displayed on this page.


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