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Own-Mailbox, the first 100% confidential Mailbox.

by ghis & 1 other (via)
You can create 100% self-hosted mailboxes. Own-Mailbox allows you to easily send and receive confidential emails with an already existing email address, from any computer in the world. Strong private key encryption with Gnu Privacy Guard. Private Link Message method, allows you to send a private message even to people who don't use encryption, by sending them a temporary and filtered HTTPS link. Private Folder: make your most private data accessible only from home, not from Internet. Easy access to logs, so you can check no one is accessing your emails without your consent. Integrated Framasoft services, to provide you with private large file sharing, event scheduling, shared spreadsheet and documents. Optional P2P backup, so even if your Own-Mailbox is offline temporarily you don't lose any email from your self-hosted addresses as long as you maintain 70% up ratio. If you cannot plug your Own-Mailbox to a stable Internet Connection anymore, plug it in mini-usb to your computer, access your old and new emails with our recovery software. 16GB storage, possibility to extend memory or do backup via USB drive/HDD. Very low power.


by ghis
For years we’ve trusted the postman to deliver our mail without reading it. Why should this be different for email?
 Soverin is the honest email service that doesn’t sell your data.




encrypted::Mail :: Communications::E-Mail Clients :: Free Download Software Site

by webzf & 1 other
encrypted::Mail allows users to send encrypted emails to anyone with ease, regardless of the users or recipients existing mail client. encrypted::Mail uses symmetric encryption and allows senders to add a pass phrase for additional security.

freenigma gmbh

by MaGo (via)
free provider independent email encryption with browserplugin

Hushmail - Free Email with Privacy - Login

by ycc2106 & 2 others
If security is your thing, you may want to give Hushmail a try. Hushmail encrypts all of your e-mails and automatically scans for viruses and SPAM. It’s free to sign up and get an account, but you can add lots of features to your account for a relatively low cost. You can even use Hushmail with your website to make sure e-mail is secure from any address you use. Hushmail also encrypts files when sending them through e-mail so you’ll never have to worry about someone discovering your data again.


Ciphire Mail

by wyliej
Ciphire Mail is an email encryption tool. It works in conjunction with your existing email client.

2004 - Encrypted Email Software, Secure Email Software, Free Secure Email Service, GNU Open Source Software

by Pandora - Encrypted Email Software, Secure Email Software, Free Secure Email Service, GNU Open Source Software Free, accepting donations. Give Outlook™ the boot!

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