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by jdrsantos & 4 others
The application is built on top of mozilla Thunderbird, Sunbird, Xmpp4moz and adds more features and integration. The extensibility of the mozilla platform makes adding new tools and customization of the suite easy. Spicebird has a long road ahead to beco



Dabble DB: A better web database to share, manage and explore your information

by cyberien & 7 others
# Model your business Import data from anywhere: spreadsheets, contact lists, databases — or just start from scratch. Add as much as you like, and extend it or change it at any time. # Explore your data Search through your data instantly. Navigate via links and backlinks. Interactively group, sort, and filter the results. See your data in tables, charts and calendars. Save each view and share it with others. # Share your data Access your database from anywhere using a web browser. Add multiple users to collaborate with colleagues. Export to your spreadsheet or to PDF. Keep tabs on changes through a newsreader or calendar. # Get smart results Start off entering text. Then give Dabble some hints: with native support for dates and times, URLs and email addresses, street addresses, currency, and other data types, Dabble can give you calendar views, subtotals, and more at the click of a butto

Email, Calendaring and Collaboration Services for Your Business from BlueTie

by cyberien & 2 others
Free Web-based email, calendaring, and file sharing for new and growing businesses. Each account supports up to 20 users with email at addresses.

Updated Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta review

by amanzi
Updated review on the Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta email/feeds/news/contacts/calendar client with updated screenshots. This is an overhaul of the antiquated Outlook Express client and is targeted towards MSN/Live/Spaces users mainly.


by philippej & 18 others
" interpersonal information manager that adapts to your changing needs."

goowy media home

by slogoo & 9 others
在线工具箱,非同一般,全部Flash ^^,很漂亮不说,而且登陆后界面很像MacOS。 设置:可以自己订制界面背景,并且可以上传桌面背景图上去。可以定制默认的字体。 服务:联系人服务:可以从

Trumba - Website Calendars - Event Calendars

by ycc2106 & 12 others
Online calendar Import existing event information in all the common file formats including iCalendar, vCalendar, Microsoft™ Excel worksheet, and CVS or tab-delimited text files.


by ycc2106 & 3 others
web-based software that provides small teams with email, calendars, contacts, files, and shared applications. 15$/month

Hula Project - Hula

by ycc2106 & 6 others
Social calendar and POP3 or an IMAP4 e-mail client , Mail Proxy feature, give a user proxy rights to your mailbox, custom rules, themes. Desktop like interface. Also for server installation.

My So-net

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Multi service: rss calendar email weblog contact

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