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06 February 2019

How To Improve your email Campaign Click through Rates

by arslan220
Email marketing though an old marketing technique is still very much effective, provided you know how to run an effective email marketing campaign. See, the only way to sell your idea or products through an email is when the reader opens it up. However, do you think people, in a busy world like ours, have time to open up an email which they know is a promotional one? Really? No. Unless and until they are sure the email contains content of their interest, they won’t probably be opening it and it will end up in the trash.

29 January 2019

Ever wonder why your open rates are low?

by arslan220
You know, email marketing is still very effective, but it is changing. Specially, ISP spam filters are updating every now and then, and marketers really have to adapt to these changes in order to remain up to date.

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