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System Solar - myspace

by colombia
Hiphop, electro, Cumbia de Bogota


Magnatune: we are not evil (independant record label) | Full album streaming

by garret & 22 others
Stream or download music in MP3 format (no DRM) without charge before choosing whether to buy or not. (The MP3s available for free download have a small spoken word tag that mentions Magnatune appended to them.) [Wikipedia]


dMute Webzine

by meza
Webzine musiques actuelles. A base de chroniques, agenda concerts, festivals, blog et forums... Et bientot, audio/video, podcasts. Post Rock, Hip-hop, Electro, Jazz & musiques improvisées, Pop, D'n'b, Dub, Jungle...



Paris-based label with international and local artists releasing electro hip hop, club hop, circus electronics, us grime, 8 bit. Our catalogue include tracks from Xerak (FR), Léonard de Léonard (FR), Apsci (US), Crunc Tesla(US), Computer Truck(FR), The deBug Tentative (FR), Electroménager(FR), dDamage (FR), Stacs of Stamina (SWE), Food for Animals (US), Scream Club (US), Ecoplan (FR) and more to come. We hold resident parties at Café Chéri(e) and Triptyque in Paris.

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