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Save the planet - Wankband

by keusta
Pour faire baisser la facture d'edf des plus gros branleurs de la planete




Wattwatt |

by simon_bricolo
community for individuals interested in electrical energy efficiency

The electrician and the banana

by tonnaje
Ahh, working with electricity... a great opportunity for practical jokes!

Flow batteries

by keulenae
Electricity has many advantages, but a disadvantage that it is impractical to store it in large quantities at reasonable cost. Flow batteries may change this

Alternative Energy Courses United Kingdom at Alternative Ene

by alternateenergy
Alternative Energy Alternative Energy Courses United Kingdom Section Home Alternative Energy Tn Articles and Resources Alternative Energy Homes Links Sitemap Alternative Energy Courses United Kingdom Navigation | PartnersTell A Friend about us Types Of Alternative Energy | Tcache | Hydropower The Alternative Energy Institute | Alternative Energy Penny Stocks | Milk As Alternative Energy Source |


How To Maximize The Gas Consumption Of Your RV

by kromakirk
Recreational vehicles have added joy and style to the word traveling. They come in various shapes and sizes, but recreational vehicles usually refer to transportable vehicles that are used for recreation, motorized, or non-motorized. These vehicles of...

DailyTech - Vampire Slayer Act of 2006 Approved by California Assembly

by multilinko (via)
The Vampire Slayer Act of 2006 has been approved by the California Assembly. AB1970, a bill proposed by Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, would force companies to put labels on devices that tell consumers how much energy is being used while the device is in standby mode. AB1970 supporters claim that the average household will pay an additional $200 per year due to electronics on standby. However, not everyone is pleased with the Vampire Slayer Act -- the Consumer Electronics Association, Electronic Industries Alliance and the American Electronic Association believe the bill will ultimately confuse consumers.

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