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September 2005

None Dare Call It Stolen (

by bnation & 1 other
Bush stole the election, TWICE! Why doesn't anyone care?

worship the glitch: John Tester

by glitch p-udding
John Tester is running for the Senate in Montana. His chances of winning are pretty good. But they're far from a sure thing.

August 2005

May 2005

Kerry Says Republicans Distorted His Record

by lewismoten
Back and forth ... back and forth. Bush and Kerry keep going at it. All of this "junk" keeps getting in the way of what is going on.

March 2005

December 2004

Sorry Everybody

by flubba
Amerikaner entshculdigen sich für das Verlieren von Kerry und den Gewinn von Bush bei der Präsidentschaftswahl

November 2004

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