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October 2006

August 2006

Democrats bump up Nev., S.C. on calendar

by ravi
AP: Nevada, SC added closer to Iowa and NH.

June 2006

Hillary Clinton Attempts to Moderate Abortion Message Before Elections

by whitegrape
In preparation for the 2006 Senate election and the 2008 presidential election, the pro-abortion senator, Hillary Clinton (D-NY), is shifting the debate on abortion.. / bfd / diebold

by bfd
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February 2006

January 2006

Update 18: Bush Says U.S. Won't Deal With Hamas -

by zboog
Jolted by Hamas' stunning election victory, President Bush said Thursday the United States will not deal with the militant Palestinian group as long as it seeks Israel's destruction.

Palestinian Premier Resigns as Hamas Claims Victory - Germany

by zboog
Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia resigned to clear the way for Hamas, an Islamic group that has thwarted Middle East peace efforts with squads of suicide bombers, to form the Palestinian Authority's next government.

Welcome to Confeederation | ConFEEDeration

by multilinko (via)
We're your one-stop source for blog posts from candidates across Canada in the 2006 election campaign.

December 2005 - Make Internet an election issue

by multilinko (via)
As local politicians go door-to-door in search of votes and the national party leaders prepare for this week's debates, the election campaign has thus far centred on each party's attempt to articulate a unique vision for the future of Canada. With this in mind, Canadians should jump at this rare opportunity to turn the leaders' attention to law and technology issues.

November 2005


by jackysee (via)

October 2005

sarkostique le sarkozy blog officiel satirique

by sarkophage
le sarkozy blog officiel satirique sur nicolas Sarkozy. Soignez vous de votre sarkozysme et de votre sarkophagie

Angela Merkel chancelière -

by alexandre
La chef de file des conservateurs est la nouvelle chancelière, à la tête de la "grande coalition", fruit d'âpres discussions entre la CDU-CSU et le SPD

September 2005

P.O.V. - Last Man Standing . The Great Election Grab (Page 1) | PBS

by multilinko (via)
"This was a fundamental change in the rules of the game," Heather Gerken, a professor at Harvard Law School, said. "The rules were, Fight it out once a decade but then let it lie for ten years. The norm was very useful, because they couldn't afford to fight this much about redistricting. Given the opportunity, that is all they will do, because it's their survival at stake. DeLay's tactic was so shocking because it got rid of this old, informal agreement." But Texas law contained no explicit prohibition on mid-decade redistricting, so the leadership of the state government, now unified in Republican hands, tried during the summer of 2003 to push through a new plan. Democrats attempted novel forms of resistance. In May, fifty-one House members fled to Oklahoma, to deprive the new leadership of a quorum; in July, a dozen senators decamped to New Mexico, for the same purpose. But defections and the passage of time weakened Democratic resolve, and, on October 13th, the plan sponsored by DeLay was passed.