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Egitim Sitesi

by venus
Education resources for Turkish people. You can download lots of document here!!!!

May 2014

The Schools Where Apple, Google, and Facebook Get Their Recruits | Design | WIRED

by sbrothier
Class of 2014: Mazel tov! Now get a job. Time to work your connections at one of those West Coast tech companies, someplace with free food and dinosaurs in the lobby. We poked around LinkedIn, looking at the top five “donating” schools for seven tech firms (roughly 95 percent of employees at the companies in question have accounts) to see if non-Stanford grads have a chance at Silicon Valley firms (they do) and whether Ivy Leagues dominate (they don’t). So start plumbing your alumni network: Those student loans aren’t going to pay themselves.

The Rational Radical

by tyteu
Classroom snippets, mathematical musings, school activities, and personal grumblings.

Teacher Intercepted Love Letter Is Genius

by tyteu
What happens when a teacher intercepts a love note? Well she grades it and returns it of course. So brilliant.

Team Teachers

by moby
Team Teachers is a common space for educators on Tumblr to gather, find one another, and participate in community events.

March 2014

February 2014

Les Inrocks - Neknomination : le nouveau jeu d'alcool débile qui sévit sur Facebook

by anbll
Neknomination : le nouveau jeu d'alcool débile qui sévit sur Facebook

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