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by kathleen_vincent
A peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia, with entries curated by expert scholars.



Free Knowledge Institute | Unlocking the knowledge society

by jdrsantos
The Free Knowledge Institute (FKI) is a non-profit organisation that fosters the free exchange of knowledge in all areas of society. Inspired by the Free Software movement, the FKI promotes freedom of use, modification, copying and distribution of knowledge in four different but highly related fields: education, technology, culture and science.

Overcoming Bias

by rwatuny
Over the last several decades, new research has changed science's picture of how we succeed or fail to seek the truth. The heuristics and biases program, in cognitive psychology, has exposed dozens of major flaws in human reasoning. Microeconomics, through the power of statistics, has shown that many facets of society don't work the way we thought. Overcoming Bias aims to bring the implications home. We want to avoid, or at least minimize, the startling systematic mistakes that science is discovering. If we know the common patterns of error or self-deception, maybe we can work around them ourselves, or build social structures for smarter groups. We know we aren't perfect, and can't be perfect, but trying is better than not trying.

Chickensaurus Skeleton (Geekdad from

by jeanruaud
(en) reconstituer le squelette d'un poulet après le dinner. Un jeu génial pour les enfants.


Texas science ed. officer forced to resign by Bushie hack for promoting evolution - Boing Boing

by mbertier (via)
The education official responsible for the science curriculum in the state of Texas resigned last month saying she was forced to step down after being reprimanded for informing colleagues of a talk on the conflict over the teaching of evolution.


by kathleen_vincent
Basic biology intro to cell structure and function.

Google Earth Outreach - Showcase

by knann
Google Earth Outreach Showcase Many public-minded groups and individuals are using Google Earth to bring a valuable geographic context to their stories. These examples will show you what others have done with Earth, and hopefully get some ideas flowing for what you might be able to do yourself.

Courses: School Education

by knann
Learn, Create and Collaborate Create your own content. Share educational resources. Collaborate with colleagues.

Pathways for K-12 Teachers - The National Science Digital Library

by knann & 1 other
Top Picks are recommended by the Library's education staff for K-12 teachers. Selected resources include NSDL Pathways Projects that are specialized collections of educational content and services for broad communities of learners within specific domain areas.

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