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by kathleen_vincent
A peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia, with entries curated by expert scholars.


Microsoft Education Labs

by ycc2106
builds prototypes and gathers data to inform ongoing and future research and development in the education space


Wikipedia en proie aux comparaisons | Guitef

by FrancoisGuite
Deux autres comparaisons de la fiabilité de Wikipedia par rapport aux encyclopédies traditionnelles, dont l'une plus spécifique sur les philosophes.



Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society

by jlesage & 2 others
"Our interests extend to the wondrous, the curious, the singular, the esoteric, the arcane, and the sometimes hazy frontier between the plausible and the implausible." a whacky collection

Plants In Motion

by jlesage
"Time-lapse photography allows us to easily see the movements of plants and clearly demonstrates that plants are living organisms capable of some extraordinary things." various phases of plant life, both on cellular and external level

HHMI's BioInteractive

by jlesage & 1 other
excellent science site with explanations and many visuals; interesting site design

A Virtual Library of Useful URLs - Subject Headings Arranged by Dewey

by jlesage
some of the best education Web sites in a Virtual Library arranged by the Dewey Decimal Classification System

Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need

by jlesage & 9 others
how to refine a topic and its searches; updated for web 2.0 and specialty searching; good for anyone starting to do Internet research on a topic and will take you to some previously unused search tools

TeacherSource | . Tag - You're Delicious! | PBS

by jlesage
may 06 discussion of how delicious works; useful overview and collection of comments. PBS teachersouce is also worth visiting from time to time -- The academic porthole

by jlesage
publicly available courseware (lecture notes, handouts, slides, tutorial material, exam questions, quizzes, videos, demonstrations etc) from the world's universities, colleges and other educational institutes; other educational resources

American Studies Electronic Crossroads

by jlesage
large American Studies web portal, organized into Communities | Curriculum | Technology & Learning | Reference & Research

ArtLex Art Dictionary

by jlesage & 3 others
search, arranged in alphabetical order, large number of terms

Design Observer: writings about design & culture

by jlesage & 1 other
very well written blog; as I have commented before, knowing about space and place is crucial for thoughtful mediamakers

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