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(Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography

by jlesage
blog that reviews and critiques aspects of art and visual culture and photojournalism, often from an ethical standpoint

Why Work?

by jlesage
CLAWS: Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery. Since I am retired and a webmistress for a media site,, I love the idea of this site for personal reasons. But most people do have to work, so this maintains an utopian sensibility for al

Confronting Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Ed'n in 21st Century

by jlesage
Henry Jenkins, with Katie Clinton, Ravi Purushotma, Alice J. Robinson, and Margaret Weigel ; PDF or online in 6 parts; sensible and sparks new directions of thought; respectful of students Our Mission

by jlesage
At we have freeware for blindness and visual impairment special needs throughout the world. It is free only to individual blind people for their personal use at home: it is not free to organisations.

Invincible Cities

by jlesage
photographic exploration of two poor cities, a combination of Walter Benjamin's interest in traces and overlays with systematic, extensive visual ethnography

Continental Drift a seminar with Brian Holmes

by jlesage
"articulating the immense geopolitical and economic shifts which took place between 1989-2001, the effects of those changes on bodies of governance and in turn the effects on subjectivity today"; links to political and social readings


by jlesage
manufacturing processes, labor conditions, and environmental issues involved in the production of contemporary goods

Eric Margolis

by jlesage
visual ethnographer and sociologist's home page

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