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Do You Know What Mind Maps Are Actually Good For?

by adwareman17
One of the most significant mind map uses is to eliminate hierarchies, at least at the beginning of exploring available information. This technique avoids assumptions about the priority of certain ideas, which come from linear arrangements of sequential thoughts. Another of the mind map uses on a smaller scale is more solitary, and involves taking notes. A student in a lecture on a complex subject, or even someone in a meeting who is trying to summarize the discussion, can both find mind mapping techniques valuable. As they recognize key words, they can list them in their notes and as other ideas come up that relate to the key words, they can be added in a cloud around those initial words. Whether used by a group to brainstorm, or used by an individual to summarize and clarify concepts, creating a mind map is an effective way of discerning the relationships of important ideas.



Using visual mapping software in the classroom

by goconnell
This webcast, taught by an educator, shows how visual mapping software can be used in the classroom.

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