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January 2012

December 2011

TextMate Blog » TextMate 2.0 Alpha

by Xavier Lacot
Finally, Textmate2 made its way and is finally available as a public alpha version. Great and huge!

November 2011

IKS UX sematics contest (finalist presentation)

by Xavier Lacot
A presentation by Loïc Schulé about the Symfony CMF semantic content editor.

October 2011

September 2011

August 2011

Webseitengestaltung ohne Code-Kenntnisse: Adobe Muse

by 84GHz
Die unter Adobes plattformübergreifender AIR-Umgebung laufende Anwendung dürfte vor allem Nutzern der DTP- und Grafik-Programme Indesign und Illustrator das Leben beim Webseiten-Entwickeln erleichtern, das viele der Tools aus anderen Adobe Programmen bekannt sind.

July 2011

JSFiddle | CSS-Tricks

by 84GHz
online editor zum testen von JS, jQuery etc.

WebPutty: Simple, fast, and powerful CSS editing and hosting. - WebPutty

by oseres & 1 other
WebPutty gives you a syntax-highlighting CSS editor you can use from anywhere, the power of SCSS and Compass, a side-by-side preview pane, and instant publishing with minification, compression, and automatic cache control.

April 2011

March 2011

Sublime Text: The text editor you'll fall in love with

by Xavier Lacot & 3 others
"Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, html and prose". Maybe a replacement to Textmate ?

February 2011

Xeo CSS - Style like Never Before

by Xavier Lacot
Xeo CSS is a fully web-based styling tool for web designers.Design web pages in detail with no coding.

January 2011

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