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PDFfiller. On-line PDF form Filler, Editor, Type on PDF

by ycc2106 & 2 others
PDFfiller lets you fill PDF Forms on-line: Fill in Form online. Fast, Easy, Secure.


TinyMCE Javascript Content Editor

by Spone & 31 others
TinyMCE is a platform independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor control released as Open Source under LGPL by Moxiecode Systems AB. It has the ability to convert HTML TEXTAREA fields or other HTML elements to editor instances. TinyMCE is very e

Web Form Factory (v0.1.3 beta) - Open Source Web Form Generator

by ycc2106 & 7 others
Web Form Factory is an open source web form generator which automatically generates the necessary backend code to tie your form to a database. By generating the backend code for you, WFF saves you time... time you could spend doing more interesting stuff. Annotated link



by ycc2106 & 1 other
YOUR BLOG IS STUPID.... for an online form editor

FormSpring - Form Builder and Hosting

by ycc2106 & 6 others
Getting form submissions in a single spreadsheet or from an RSS feed. secure 128-bit SSL. See Fully functional demo available for 2H


by jackysee & 3 others
建立 HTML 表單,簡單易用,可設定 Layout, Validation 等等,而且完全是合符 HTML 4.01 Strict 的規格

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