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Andy Xie Calls Shanghai "A Playground"

by tsalon
businesses around the world want to entertain their top clients in Shanghai. The Grand Prix offered the occasion for hosting such events....Taiwanese money is at the center of Shanghai’s rise.

BW Online | Brazil's Soft Spot For Software

by tsalon
Brazil has announced a new industrial policy, with software as a key element. China Will Probably Lift Interest Rates This Year, Survey Shows

by tsalon
Seven out of 11 economists forecast at least half a percentage point in 2004. One predicted a quarter-point increase and three said they expect no change.

Pan-Pearl River Delta - From Diversity to Cooperation

by tsalon
and the challenges of Pan-PRD Cooperation

European Companies Contemplate Moving Shop from Shanghai to Poland

by tsalon
half a dozen foreign companies now in Shanghai who have been secretly (well almost, otherwise how do I know?) running the numbers to compare their costs between Shanghai and Eastern Europe. In every case except one Poland came out ahead in terms of cost s

林行止 林行止專欄

by tsalon
i'm so happy to have found this

Gordon Chang: China Locomotive Running Out of Steam

by tsalon
a round of competitive devaluations could take place soon if the Mainland does not let the RMB float


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