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Les non-cadres gagnent 1.541 euros bruts en moyenne - L'Obs

by groucho
C'est 82% de la population active en France qui touchent une rémunération moyenne à peine supérieure au Smic.

Inequality Is

by gregg
The fact that the United States has become increasingly unequal in terms of income, wages, wealth and opportunity has hit the mainstream and public demands for economic fairness have gone viral. As the economic think tank for the 99%, EPI is eager to seize on this renewed public interest in creating a fair economy, building upon our nearly three decades of objective economic research that has earned us respect and praise across the political spectrum. The website will bring clarity to the national dialogue on wage and income inequality, using interactive tools and videos to tell the story of how we arrived at the state of inequality we find today and what can be done to reverse course and ensure workers get their fair share.


Pierre Mariani l'ami de Sarkozy a touché 1,7 million d'euros de Dexia en 2012 - RTBF Economie

by groucho
Pierre Mariani a touché 1,7 million d'euros de Dexia en 2012 - RTBF Economie

« Repenser l’économie » dans les médias

by tyteu
recensions de ce numéro de "regard croisé sur l'économie"


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