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It's The Economy

by Toast1185
The topics will be on pretty much anything covered in the news that catches my eye in either economics or politics (Incredibly broad, so I shouldn't run out of content). I'm not doing this to make money, just to put my thoughts out there and be active in my interests.

Learn FWD and DSFHC in 10 minutes.

by phone0026 & 2 others
This paper outlines “A fallacy of wage differentials(FWD): wage ratio in distribution ” and “Do schools form human capital(DSFHC)? distributional divide and cohortbased analysis in Japan ” Even if you are unfamiliar with economics and mathematics, you can learn the key points in 10 minutes.

Files written in English from Website of Keiji Saito

by phone0026
[Profile] [Paper: Economics] [Archive: (Excel) (STATA) (MATLAB) (JabRef)] [Note] [Mail]

Gender pay gap: what's it worth?

by mikepower
Girls may well opt for arts degrees over engineering, but that's not because nobody has told them that engineers earn more than academics - it's because the 'male' professions have fallen out of favour even among men.

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