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Climate change, Sour times (Economist)

by jeanruaud
(en) the sea is becomming more acidic

Sunny side down (Economist)

by jeanruaud
(en) going solar is a luxury few can afford

TechCrunch Japanese アーカイブ » 大きなお世話だ、用もないのにメールを印刷する人間がどこにいる

by kuroyagi

January 2008

「トウモロコシは最悪」26種のバイオ燃料のエコ効果を分析 | WIRED VISION

by kuroyagi

IBMなどがエコ・パテントコモンズを設立、ウエブで環境関連特許を開放 - ニュース - nikkei BPnet

by kuroyagi

話題のネイチャー・ドキュメンタリー映画『アース』 感動、映像美、驚愕、エコの四拍子そろった超大作! - ECO JAPAN〈エコジャパン〉 - nikkei BPnet 環境ポータル

by kuroyagi

December 2007


by ycc2106
Online game that lets players manage their own virtual towns and cities. It’s great fun to play and also teaches players all about energy, sustainability and environmental management in New Zealand.

November 2007

goo検索(Green Label) - 緑のgoo

by kuroyagi (via)

October 2007

Natural Perspective

by jgrogan (via)
This site is dedicated to the beauty and science of nature and to the joys nature brings to those who explore it. The joy of seeing "familiar faces" everywhere; the invigoration a nature walk brings to both body and soul; the beauty and diversity of our Earthly co-habitants; and the pleasure of eating something found along the way.

Investigate Biodiversity - Basics

by jgrogan
As far as scientists can tell, Earth is like no other place in all the universe. For among the countless stars, moons, asteroids, and other bodies arrayed across the vastness of outer space, only our tiny planet is known to support life.

garden ecology article

by jgrogan
Energy flow (food chains and food webs) Nutrient cycling Community interrelationships Ecosystem change

Calculating Animal Caloric Requirements

by jgrogan
This menu lists pages concerned with energy flow in the biosphere. Energy comes from the sun: plants capture some of it and turn it into carbohydrates as they build their bodies. Animals are dependent on plants and eat them.

Science NetLinks: Investigating Local Ecosystems

by jgrogan
To investigate the habitats of local plants and animals. To explore some of the ways animals depend on plants and each other.