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January 2007


by Mal Burns
New information sharing site for exchanging information and ideas on practical DIY technology for a sustainable environments. Contribute your own and read documents online.

Climate Ark

by Mal Burns & 1 other
New Climate Change and Global Warming Portal - a busy site with plenty to follow.

Channel G

by Mal Burns (via)
Another fine online video portal dedicated to programmes about the environment and related social issues.

December 2006

November 2006


by C. Kiplim
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September 2006

Hemp is at hand

by Mal Burns
In the UK hemp is making a comeback in mainstream agriculture, casting off "hippie" associations with the female plant and offering a new future for strong fabrics, biofuels and a replacement for wood in paper manufacture. Amongst what seems to be a host of other applications. This report in the Guardian newspaper tells more.

August 2006

Welcome to WWF's global network

by everyueveryme & 4 others
WWF's ultimate goal is to build a future where people live in harmony with nature

Greenpeace International

by everyueveryme & 6 others
Greenpeace is the world's most effective environmental activist group dedicated to the issues of climate change, saving our ancient forests, stopping pollution, ending the nuclear threat, stopping genetic engineering, saving our oceans, and advocating sustainable trade.

July 2006

June 2006

GeoBirds - Welcome to GeoBirds!

by jackiege (via)
birding community. Post bird sightings, clubs, or hotspots, anywhere in the world using Google Maps. Identify birds using BirdBrain, a point-and-click bird identification tool that helps new birders identify North American species in seconds.

Ecologic Games: Bigfoot and Ecotown

by ycc2106
Bigfoot is an interactive program in the EcoLogic exhibition and playable on this site. It estimates the size of your ecological footprint from your answers to 15 questions. Bigfoot is the first ecological footprint calculator to use Australian data and t


by ycc2106
The eco’tude calculator asks you questions about your school and uses your answers to make an estimate of your school’s ecological footprint – the total amount of land disturbed by activities at your school.

May 2006

April 2006

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