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June 2009

soapUI - the Web Service, SOA and SOAP Testing Tool

by Elryk & 4 others
Outil de tests de service web destiné aux développeurs et aux testeurs. Il offre un client standalone Java Swing GUI, des outils en ligne de commande et des plugins IDE pour Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA et NetBeans.

CubicTest: CubicTest

by Nicolas Lescure (via)
CubicTest is a graphical Eclipse plug-in for writing Selenium and Watir tests. It makes web tests faster and easier to write, and provides abstractions to make tests more robust and reusable.

May 2009

Run jetty run

by sdaclin
Plugins pour Eclipse qui permet de lancer très facilement Jetty

Java Profiling «

by night.kame

I hope somebody in the TPTP project reads this: your stuff is unusable. If there’s a magic combination of settings that makes this shit work as it should: I missed it, your documentation was useless, the most useful suggestion I found was to not use TPTP. No I don’t want to fiddle with cryptic vm commandline parameters, manually compiling C shit, fiddle with well hidden settings pages, etc. All I wanted was right click, profile.

So am I now a Netbeans user? No way! I can’t stand how tedious it is for coding. Run profiler in Netbeans, go ah, alt tab to eclipse and fix it. Works for me.

Bien dit !

April 2009

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