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Mercurial Eclipse

by jpcaruana (via)
Mercurial Eclipse is a plugin for the Eclipse platform to use Mercurial version system.

September 2007

XPairtise - Pair Programming for Eclipse

by jpcaruana & 1 other
The Eclipse plug-in XPairtise provides a platform for distributed pair programming. The plug-in offers shared editing, project synchronization, shared program and test execution, user management, built-in chat communication and a shared whiteboard. Pair programming is a key practice in Extreme Programming (XP) whereby two programmers share the same terminal and program together. Distributed pair programming is the practice of pair programming where the two programmers comprising the pair are in different locations.

July 2007

EclEmma - Java Code Coverage for Eclipse

by jpcaruana
EclEmma is a free Java code coverage tool for Eclipse, available under the Eclipse Public License. Internally it is based on the great EMMA Java code coverage tool, trying to adopt EMMA's philosophy for the Eclipse workbench: * Fast develop/test cycle: Launches from within the workbench like JUnit test runs can directly be analyzed for code coverage. * Rich coverage analysis: Coverage results are immediately summarized and highlighted in the Java source code editors. * Non-invasive: EclEmma does not require modifying your projects or performing any other setup. The Eclipse integration has its focus on supporting the individual developer in an highly interactive way.

Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers

by jpcaruana
The Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers contains everything you need to build Java and Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) applications. Considered by many to be the best Java development tool available, the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers provides superior Java editing with incremental compilation, Java EE 5 support, a graphical HTML/JSP/JSF editor, database management tools, and support for most popular application servers.

April 2007

Eclipse Mylar Open Source Project

by jpcaruana & 5 others (via)
Eclipse Mylar is a task-focused UI that reduces information overload and makes multi-tasking easy. It does this by making tasks a first class part of Eclipse, and integrating rich and offline editing for repositories such as Bugzilla, Trac, and JIRA. Once your tasks are integrated, Mylar monitors your work activity to identify information relevant to the task-at-hand, and uses this task context to focus the Eclipse UI on the interesting information, hide the uninteresting, and automatically find what's related. This puts the information you need to get work done at your fingertips and improves productivity by reducing searching, scrolling, and navigation. By making task context explicit Mylar also facilitates multitasking, planning, reusing past efforts, and sharing expertise.

February 2007

January 2007


by lecyborg
Générateur de code en partant de modèles UML logiques, qui utilise eclipse

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