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August 2012

March 2012

Mainstream Access to E-Books: My Perspective

by Monique

the entire industry of making, selling, and reading commercial e-books is only now being invented. Some of the early technologies used in this industry will evolve and survive into the future, but those that are not accessible or cannot be made accessible will very likely not survive

Mainstream Access to E-Books--What Works, What Doesn’t, and What Is Still Unclear

by Monique

Unfortunately, the landscape of e-book reading technology is littered with hundreds of combinations of file formats, devices, and platforms. These competing platforms and devices include varying levels of accessibility and different methods of access. To add to the confusion, some sites for purchasing e-books are less than forthcoming in mentioning features that might affect a book’s accessibility, so it is difficult to find the best solution.

February 2012

June 2011

Access to Electronic Books, a Comparative Review

by Monique

The aim of this article is to inform the reader about accessible services and how to gain access to them. Because some services require specific hardware for their access, we will provide limited descriptions of hardware.

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