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January 2008

話題のネイチャー・ドキュメンタリー映画『アース』 感動、映像美、驚愕、エコの四拍子そろった超大作! - ECO JAPAN〈エコジャパン〉 - nikkei BPnet 環境ポータル

by kuroyagi

December 2007

October 2007

mapicon Factory

by philippej & 2 others (via)
Créer des marqueurs pour Gmaps et GE.

September 2007

Hauptseite - GEwiki

by 4gianna
GEwiki ist eine Google Earth Community, die sich als Ziel gesetzt hat, möglichst umfassend die Möglichkeiten von Google Earth systematisch zu dokumentieren und weiterzuentwickeln.

Google Earth gets assisted by new satellite

by helmeloh
Sure, you may be able to waste hours on end controlling Google Earth imagery with your Wiimote, but you can plan on killing days — nay, months — after a brand new “high-resolution satellite” launches on Tuesday in an attempt to “boost the accura

Google Earth Flight Simulator Mods and other News

by philippej (via)
Anyone checked out the Google Earth config files for this amazing Easter Egg ? They contain a huge range of settings for everything from airplane configurations to variables for the physics engine. The files are scattered around the ‘res/flightsim’ directory. But edit them at your own risk. Before anyone else tries, negative gravity doesn’t work ;)

August 2007

July 2007

AustinCast » Blog Archive » Live Earth rocks world on 7/7/7

by springnet
Live Earth started in Asia with an ancient Aboriginal instrument. Then a holographic image of Al Gore appeared on stage. Then it moved on to London and Madonna. Concerts in Sydney, Tokyo and Shanghai kicked off 22 hours of music by more than 150 artists i

June 2007

May 2007

Live Search

by nadipity
like Google Earth but cooler.

flickrvision (beta)

by springnet & 19 others
shows pictures in real time as they get uploaded to flickr... kind of like a twittervision for flickr... suggested by

April 2007

JST Virtual Science Center | EARTH GUIDE

by greut & 2 others
Nice guide to discover more about our planet.

HoudahGeo - Geocoding for the Mac

by nhoizey
HoudahGeo may operate in a fully automatic mode when provided a track log file from a GPS receiver. Finer control is possible by attaching photos to waypoints created using a GPS device.


by jdrsantos
Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow Earth's biosphere to return to good health. Crowded conditions and resource shortages will improve as we become less dense.

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