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September 2007

Google Earth gets assisted by new satellite

by helmeloh
Sure, you may be able to waste hours on end controlling Google Earth imagery with your Wiimote, but you can plan on killing days — nay, months — after a brand new “high-resolution satellite” launches on Tuesday in an attempt to “boost the accura

February 2007

January 2007

Spot Image - Google delivers higher resolution on Google Earth through agreement with French Spot Image

by nhoizey
Under a multi-year agreement, Spot Image will provide Google Earth with 2.5 meter resolution imagery taken from the SPOT 5 satellite

November 2006

» Zorgloob Maps

by Fulcanelli & 2 others
Découvrez les plus belle images satellites de Google Maps et Google Earth

May 2006

February 2006

Google Earth Explorer - Home

by phgod & 2 others
又一類似 Google Sightseeing 的網站,兩站可互補不足。

October 2005

Indian President Sees Google Earth as Security Threat

by jmaddock
Abdul Kalam, the president of India, has recently mentioned some concerns he has regarding Google Earth, the free satellite-mapping service provided by the world’s leading search engine.

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