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Apple - Downloads - Math

by nhoizey
A utility for uploading, downloading, and transcoding GPS data among GPS devices, GPX files, and KML files (for Google Earth). The resulting files can be used in a variety of applications available for the Macintosh, including TrackRunner, TrailRunner, and of course Google Earth.


HoudahGeo - Geocoding for the Mac

by nhoizey
HoudahGeo may operate in a fully automatic mode when provided a track log file from a GPS receiver. Finer control is possible by attaching photos to waypoints created using a GPS device.

iCraig - Software - iPhotoToGoogleEarth

by nhoizey
iPhotoToGoogleEarth is a plugin for iPhoto 6 that will export photos for viewing in Google Earth. To make the most of iPhotoToGoogleEarth you'll need to have GPS infomation stored in the Exif tags. If you don't know what that means this plugin probably isn't for you.


Google Earth - Downloads

by kuroyagi (via)
requires Mac OS X 10.4...

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