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May 2006

Using the New 3D Warehouse Network Link

by philippej
Un moyen de trouver les modèles SketchUp qui ont été placés sur la vue courante de Google Earth.

April 2006

Google Earth Blog: Discovery Channel Releases Video Links for Google Earth

by vista
Yesterday the Discovery Channel announced a collaboration with Google Earth to show links to some of its videos. The initial set of links are for videos about National Parks. The first place I saw the collection was on the Google Earth download page.

March 2006

Google SUD

by jackysee (via)
Google 收購 SketchUp ,為 Google Earth 加強 3D 效果

BBC Documentary - Space - Episode 2 - Staying Alive - Google Video

by phgod
The Universe is a dangerous place. This programme investigates our survival in space.

Google Earth Hacks

by Markus & 26 others
Lots of downloads, information and hacks for Google Earth.

February 2006

NASA World Wind

by nachilau & 32 others (via)
An application from NASA which similiar to Google Earth

How does Google Earth work?

by ycc2106
how is it possible for you to zoom in from outer space to a point somewhere above the rooftop of your house without bringing your desktop computer to a grinding halt?

Maya 2 Google Earth | Eyebeam Production Tools

by zboog
Maya2GoogleEarth is an open-source, cross-platform tool developed at Eyebeam for exporting 3D models from Maya into Google Earth. Once installed, it allows you to export 3D models from within your scene as a single Google Earth Placemark (KML) file.

Google Earth Explorer - Home

by phgod & 2 others
又一類似 Google Sightseeing 的網站,兩站可互補不足。

Highest Resolution Areas on Google Earth | Google Earth Images

by wyliej
The list of places with better resolution in Google Earth are posted here. Discover a new world! by Giventofly

Flash Earth

by jackysee & 2 others (via)
Google Maps + MSN Virtual Earth in Flash

January 2006

Flying car captured on Google Earth | The Register

by zboog & 1 other
Experimental Oz project packs grav-busting hyperdrive

Générateur de Carte de visite Google Earth

by reynald & 2 others
Cette page permet de créer une carte de visite originale, sous forme d'un fichier kml (Google Earth).

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