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December 2006

KML from Google spreadsheets. Revolution?

by philippej (via)
« ... produce KML from a Google Spreadsheet. »

November 2006

Life of a Geolocated Blog Post

by philippej & 1 other (via)
« View entire photo sets as self-contained KMZ files in Google Maps »

October 2006

IGN Géoportail in 3D with Google Earth

by philippej (via)
« ... a small software I made, called GEopochi, which brings the IGN Géoportail data into GE (version 4 and above only), by acting as a proxy between the 2. »

September 2006

GPSVisualizer Supports New Google Earth 4 Time Support

by philippej (via)
« ... use GPSVisualizer to make your own time stamped GPS track... »

August 2006

Rapid Reporting for Rapid Response

by philippej (via)
« ... a proof of concept whereby you email placemarks to a content management system and then have them appear automatically in Google Earth via a network link. »

How to use a Spreadsheet and GE

by philippej (via)
" can a Spreadsheet be used to build a huge kml file, with thousands of placemarks in an very fast way."

July 2006


by philippej & 5 others
GoogleMaps + Wikipedia = "Let's describe the whole Earth !"

May 2006

Using the New 3D Warehouse Network Link

by philippej
Un moyen de trouver les modèles SketchUp qui ont été placés sur la vue courante de Google Earth.

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