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Entrance - JackLab UserWiki

by jean-gael (via)
ecore_config -c /etc/entrance_config.cfg -k /entrance/autologin/user -s "

How To Install Enlightenment E17 The Easy Way - Ubuntu

by lecyborg
The installation of Enlightenment E17 sited in this thread uses the repositories created by the Elbuntu team. Special thanks goes out to all of the Elbuntu developers for taking the time to package E17 for Ubuntu and making the repositories available to the community.

Forum / [résolu][e17]qui a encore le module itray?

by jean-gael (via)
trayer --edge top --align right --widthtype request

Installation et configuration de e17 CVS

by lecyborg
En français avec un Script qui fait ça

Installation of E17 from CVS

by lecyborg
Compilation de E17 depuis le CVS en Anglais


Forum / ANNONCE OFFICIELLE : e17 - ouverture des dépots

by jean-gael
Forum / ANNONCE OFFICIELLE : e17 - ouverture des dépots


:: :: Home

by communismisdead
Welcome to the Enlightenment DR 17 users' portal. E17 is a next generation window manager for UNIX operating systems. Based on the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL), E17 is much more than just another window manager - it's an ambitious and innovative project that aims to drive the development of graphical applications industry-wide for several years to come.

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