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December 2005

The Edublog Awards

by kfjien (via)
The Edublog Awards 2005 Shortlist


by daftjb & 30 others
Une jeune pousse du E-learning

Finland 12-05

by kfjien (via)
Jay Cross有關formal and informal learning 的線上演說

Instructables: step-by-step collaboration

by kfjien & 76 others

CogDogBlog » Blog Archive » Throwing Stones at the Wiki Glass House

by kfjien

Cool-Connections — Connectivism

by kfjien
數位學習理論 Simens

COMM 3344-1 :: Games for the web :: Students

by kfjien (via)

Liberty Arcade

by kfjien

ActionScript Hero: CodeBaby goes Flash

by maso

November 2005

Training Digi Arts

by utadeo
This page provides seminars and tutorials in the field of art and music using technology.

accesselearning Overview

by dzc
éveloppé par l'Institut de Technologie de Géorgie (Etats-Unis) dans le cadre du programme GRADE (Georgia Tech Research on Accessible Distance Education), est un site de formation en ligne destiné à aider les concepteurs de dispositifs e-learning à m

October 2005

August 2005

Croquet Project

by l.meyer & 2 others
a combination of open source computer software and network architecture that supports deep collaboration and resource sharing among large numbers of users. Such collaboration is carried out within the context of a large-scale distributed information system. The software and architecture define a framework for delivering a scalable, persistent, and extensible interface to network delivered resources.

Emob le blog d'une jeune pouce du e-learning

by emobleblog
Venez décourvrir l'actualité du e-learning, la vie de la société Emob et des tutoriaux vidéo gratuits...