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May 2006

April 2006

Browse Amazon Books: Javascript

by access2
Javascript is the most common, and probably the best language for creating interactive web content in the client-side browser.

March 2006

February 2006

January 2006

Ajax for Java developers: Build dynamic Java applications

by vista & 9 others
Ajax, or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is an approach to Web application development that uses client-side scripting to exchange data with the Web server. As a result, Web pages are dynamically updated without a full page refresh interrupting the interaction flow. With Ajax, you can create richer, more dynamic Web application user interfaces that approach the immediacy and usability of native desktop applications.

December 2005

November 2005

JS/UIX - Terminal

by Riduidel & 7 others
Est-ce que ça sert vraiment à quelque chose ? Peut-être bien ... : Dynamic images

by lynnhz & 24 others (via)
You can change the text on this image to whatever you like. Change the text in the form below, then click on "preview image". The text in the image will change accordingly. You can align the text with spaces and enters.

October 2005

September 2005

ActiveState - Company Information, News Room, Whitepapers, ActiveState Dynamic Languages - Dynamic Tools for Dynamic Languages

by Riduidel
Dynamic languages are high-level, dynamically typed open source languages. These languages, designed to solve the problems that programmers of all abilities face in building and integrating heterogeneous systems, have proven themselves both despite and th

That other GMail ‘thing’

by arnet
That ‘thing’ in question is the dynamic email address

August 2005

Dynamic Truth Michael Savage

by DueceOnEight
Political topics with interjections made about Savage's take on things. Member registered here. Then you can partake in the subject matter and put your take in.

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