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DVI Switcher

by interactiveguy
Dvi switches including dvi video switch, dvi game switch, 2 port dvi video switch, 4 port dvi switch and other dvi switches at cheap prices.

2007 ... Test du vidéoprojecteur LCD Mitsubishi HC5000 : Déjà une référence

by nhoizey (via)
Le HC 5000 a tout de ce que l’on peut souhaiter en matière de produit haut de gamme. Une connectique très riche (HDMI, DVI, Component, etc…), un traitement d’image exceptionnel (le désormais célèbre HQV de Silicon Optix), une optique revisitée


LCD TV's Soar, Plasma Plummets..Any Surprise?

by ehdmi
No huge surprise here....LCD TV's soared in 2006 and Plasma TV's are in the tank. See the 2006 numbers. Adds A New Hdmi Wall Plate To Their Website

by ehdmi is pleased to announce the addition of a new product to their website. Effective immediately beige HDMI wall plates are available to purchase on the internet store. Announces Drop in Price on their 5x1 HDMI Switch

by ehdmi & 1 other, one of the internet's fastest growing HDTV destininations, is pleased to announce even further savings on their fast selling, 5X1 Enhanced HDMI Switch with built-in Equalizer (REV.2.0). The previous selling price was $132.73, and now can be purchased for the low price of $122.73. Has Been Approved as a Sortprice Certified Merchant

by ehdmi follows the strict guidelines of SortPrice and is a SortPrice Certified Merchant. is part of the Sortprice program which helps consumers save money and receive a hassle-free shopping experience.

Apple Store - France - Adaptateur Apple mini-DVI vers Vidéo

by nhoizey
L'adaptateur mini-DVI vers Vidéo Apple [...] permet la connexion de nombreux appareils tels que téléviseurs, magnétoscopes ou projecteurs équipés de connecteurs S-Vidéo ou RCA (composite) à votre Mac HDTV Breaking News Feeds

by ehdmi, 1 comment
Live breaking news on HDTV's, HD DVD, Blu Ray, PS3, XBox360 and more.

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