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18 August 2006

drvsilla and sanyin : Spn : Distortion : fic

by Olivia
Stanford fic. Sam/Dean UST. Sam gets homesick, and then gets drunk. Oh, the beautiful manpain. I love, love this one. Contains Drunken Sammy Angst and Surrogate Dean.

19 July 2006

drvsilla : Spn : What Things Burn the Sun - Part 2 : fic

by Olivia
Part 2. Sam/Dean. 14/18. Some unnecessary descriptions and tableaus go overlong. But there's tasty finger sucking and sensuality and sex, and good trailer-trash memories for me to savor -- funny how being poor seems so romantic in retrospect. :)

drvsilla : Spn : What Things Burn the Sun - Part One : fic

by Olivia
Sam/Dean pre-series. Sam is 14, Dean 18. Clumsily written, but very sexy and very hot. Sammy's feet, oh my god, almost exactly what I've wanted to read since FOREVER. And masturbation and lots of sweet Sammy sexin. *bites knuckle*

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