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Media Mogul (HTML5 Audio/Video) |

by 84GHz
Media Mogul serves to be a front end HTML 5 media feature package. Allowing you to get up and running with audio, video and itunes podcasting with click or two.

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How to Build a Drupal 8 Module Archives - SitePoint

by eledo34 (via)
Comment développer son propre module sur Drupal 8 avec les #composants #Symfony2:

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Evaluate Drupal projects online |

by 84GHz
What is this? helps you to find the module, theme or distribution that fits your needs. It provides sandbox environments for testing the functionality of any project before even downloading it. Simple, fast and for free! How to use it? Start typing a project´s name or enter a shortname directly. Choose your preferred version. Drupal 6, 7 and 8 are supported. Hit the button (wait until your sandbox is ready) and test it!

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Backbone.js in the Frontend | DrupalCon Munich 2012

by holyver
It will be a practical session, showing demos and explaining how Backbone & friends are changing the way of making web apps. Also Ethan will present how the Backbone module for Drupal can help you to speed up your web app development, so you don't have to re-invent the wheel.

March 2013

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